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Welcome to Housse & Déco, your privileged destination to discover and acquire timelessly elegant pieces of furniture. Discover our refined selection below, inspired by the Louis XV and Louis XVI eras, as well as the Baroque style.

Louis XV armchairs

The Louis XV armchair is the symbol of an era of opulence and finesse. With its curved lines, precise wood carving and upholstery in noble fabrics, it evokes the French art of living. These armchairs, emblems of the Rococo period, are a must-have for lovers of refined decoration.

Louis XVI armchairs

A cross between two eras, the Louis XVI armchair evokes a return to geometry, with its straight lines and classic motifs. Combining comfort and aesthetics, these armchairs are perfect for interiors seeking to blend the old with the new.

Louis XV sofas

The Louis XV sofa is the centrepiece of any living room worthy of the name. It combines the aesthetic codes of the period with a touch of modernity, combining comfort and majesty. For those who want to transform their space into an elegant place for conversation, it's the ideal choice.

Louis XVI sofas

Symbols of stylistic evolution, Louis XVI sofas offer a more sober but just as elegant aesthetic. Their refined design blends perfectly with contemporary interiors while retaining a touch of history.

Baroque armchairs

The baroque armchair is an invitation to excess and extravagance. With its opulent patterns, bold colours and daring shapes, it adds a theatrical touch to any room. Ideal for those who want to make a bold statement.

Baroque chairs

Baroque chairs, with their lush ornamentation and undeniable charisma, are perfect for adding panache to a dining room or living room. These pieces are both functional and artistic, reflecting an era when art and everyday life were one and the same.

Baroque sofas

The baroque sofa is the epitome of luxury and opulence. From an era when every detail counted, this sofa stands out for its generous ornamentation, elaborate patterns and sumptuous materials. Whether you want to create a regal atmosphere or simply add a centrepiece to your living room, the baroque sofa is a choice that leaves no one indifferent. It's the perfect marriage of art and comfort, offering a seating area that invites relaxation while being a real feast for the eyes.

Elegant Covers

Protect and revitalise your furniture with our range of slipcovers. Perfect for giving your favourite pieces a new lease of life or protecting them from the ravages of time, our slipcovers combine practicality and aesthetics.

If you would like to explore other collections or find out more about specific pieces, we recommend that you visit HTdeco, a recognised expert in the field of exceptional furniture.

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